Customer Policy

Return Policy: RMS will facilitate the vendors return policy, RKI product return/warranty policy:
RKI Service Request Form:

Privacy Policy: RMS Life Safety will not sell or distribute the information collected about our customers. The information we collect is voluntarily provided by you so that transaction can be completed. We will not sell or distribute any conversations had between RMS and you the customer unless required by law.

Terms and conditions: RMS Life Safety's mission is to exceed our customers expectations of a quality and reliable supplier. RMS Life Safety can not be held responsible for the products or the set up of products sold. The products are within the customers control and responsibility.

RMS Life Safety disclaims warranties of any kind.

The customer's particular purpose for purchasing products is the customers sole responsibility. RMS will not be held liable for incorrect installation or set up of the products purchased from RMS Life Safety. 

RMS Life Safety sells products on our site, but the customers selection and the customers use of individual or specific products sold by RMS Life Safety is solely within the control of, and remains the sole responsibility of the customer.

Please contact RMS Life Safety for assistance installing the products purchased. RMS can also set up custom systems to fit your needs. Call at 800.760.1822