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Sample-draw Sensor / Transmitter

The GD-K7D2 is RKI’s workhorse sample draw assembly for use with a wide variety of electrochemical sensors for toxic gas detection.  It is designed for simple servicing in that the sensor and pump can be easily replaced in less than one minute each.  The GD-K7D2 can be supplied with a 115 VAC pump, which requires local AC power, and the sensor signal output is 4-20 mA (24 VDC, 2 wire loop).  A 24 VDC pump is also available, in which case the head uses a 3 wire connection to a controller or PLC.  The compact design of the unit requires minimum mounting space and the front removal cover allows for installation and ease of service in tight spaces.  Easy to install, operate, and maintain, the GD-K7D2 is RKI’s most popular sample draw head for toxic gases.


Built-in sampling pump
Complete sensor and pump in one housing
Quick installation wall brackets
Easy sensor and pump removal for maintenance
Front removal cover
Built-in flow indicator and low flow alarm
Quick response sensors
Thirty-three sensors to choose from
Built-in battery for bias of sensors
Optional NEMA 4X housing available