RMS is proud to now offer RKI, the top of the line gas detection and life safety products.  To learn more about RKI products, please visit their website http://www.rkiinstruments.com/.


If you have any questions about these products, would like to place your order directly, or would like to speak with someone about designing a custom safety system, please call RMS at 800.760.1822.

Low Cost Sensor / Transmitter

The RKI low cost CO/H2S transmitter is a highly reliable and very cost effective basic
4-20 mA transmitter for the detection of carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide.  The electronics are protected inside a plastic enclosure to avoid damage from mechanical abuse, water, dust or corrosion.  The transmitter operates from 24 VDC (11VDC to 30 VDC), and provides a two wire, 4-20 mA signal, which can be connected to a wide variety of controllers.

Available for CO or H2S detection, this monitor is ideal for parking garages or any enclosed, non-hazardous space where these gases may be present.  Mounting holes provided for ease of installation.  Cable bushing provided for wire entry.


Water/dust resistant housing
Available for H2S and CO
Low cost 
Can be used either indoors or in semi-enclosed areas.
Compact design
Long life sensors (2 + years typical)
Simple installation