RMS is proud to now offer RKI, the top of the line gas detection and life safety products.  To learn more about RKI products, please visit their website http://www.rkiinstruments.com/.


If you have any questions about these products, would like to place your order directly, or would like to speak with someone about designing a custom safety system, please call RMS at 800.760.1822.

Beacon 35-3000
Sample Draw Detector
From $1,100.00
Beacon 110
Single Channel Controller
From $ 795.00
Beacon 200
2 Channel Controller
From $ 1,495.00
Beacon 410
4 Channel Controller
From $ 1,995.00

Beacon 800
8 Channel Controller
From $ 2,195.00
Direct Connect Sensors
Explosion Proof, with J-box
From $350.00
Toxic Gas Monitor
From $8,600.00
From $ 1,900.00

GD-70D Series
Gas Detection Transmitter
From $ 1,395.00

Diffusion Sensor/Transmitter
From $ 1,100.00
M2 Series
Stand Alone Transmitter
From $900.00
M Series
Sensor Transmitter
From $295.00

Indoor Gas Monitor
From $795.00
Stand Alone Monitor
From $425.00
IR CO2 Gas Detector
From $850.00
Gas Sensor/Transmitter
From $550.00

RKI Eagle
Portable Gas Detector
Starting at $1,800.00
RKI Eagle 2
Portable Gas Detector
Starting at $1,945.00
RKI OX-07 Series
Oxygen Monitor
From $995.00
RKI SM 2009U
Calibration Station
Starting at $1,300.00

RKI GX-2009
Personal 4 Gas Monitor
From $570.00
RKI GX-2012
Five Gas Sample Draw
From $845.00
RKI Gas Watch 2
Single Gas Personal Monitor
From $360.00
RKI Series 01
Single Gas Personal Monitor
From $360.00

Calibration Station
Starting at $1,200.00